Griffydam is a small hamlet in North West Leicestershire and is located in the parish of Worthington.


The name of the village of Griffydam is thought to originate from Old Norse “gryfja” (cleft/valley) and Old English “dammer” (dam). There are also historical references to “Griffith’s dam”. This suggests that a “small” settlement probably developed as far back as the time of the Viking invasion of 873.

To discover more about the history of our village go to TOPICS, follow the HERITAGE TRAIL..... or view the Book Publications via the link below, from which we have taken may extracts for this website with the kind permission of the author Samuel T Stewart.

What's New


Books by author and historian Samuel T Stewart on the history of Griffydam and the local area can be downloaded from here! Click on DETAILS below to view publications.

A new book on Limestone Burning in NW Leicetershire will be available soon. If you are interested please get in touch via the Contact page or email us on griffydamvillage@gmail.com  

The respected author Michael Kendrick, has given us his kind permission to publish a transcript of the diary written by his father Les, a Japanese Prisoner of War following the fall of Singapore on February 15th 1942. We are greatly indebted to Michael for giving his permission for this important record to be published on this website.  To read Les Kendrick's diary click here>


The complete story of Les Kendrick’s life in the book entitled ‘Sons and Daughters’ Vol 1 by Michael Kendrick can be purchased from the Coalville Times office.

The diary of Sam Hodges, a Japanese POW from Griffydam has recently been found by his son Michael Hodges. Sam had written a 15 page diary about his childhood in Griffydam, his work life, and his experiences in the army and subsequently becoming a POW. We are very grateful to Michael Hodges for allowing us to share this fascinating record of Sam's life. To view Sam's diary please click here>

A menu dated 18th September 1945 kept by Sam has also been discovered by his son Michael. To find out more go to the Wartime section from the Topics menu or click here>

A book written by Samuel T Stewart entitled ‘In Memory of Three Men From Griffydam & Peggs Green Who Became Japanese Prisoners Of War during The Malayan Campaign & The Fall Of Singapore’ featuring Sam Hodges and Sam Dimmick (see above) and John Howkins is available to purchase. Please contact us via the Contact page or email griffydamvillage@gmail.com for further details.

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