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 Also Know As ALABAMA OR WINDMILL PIT Operated By Messrs Worswick & Walker

In 1858, the mines inspector, John Hedley, advised W. Walker (operator/ owner) to drain the water from old workings, so as to work Califat towards Limby Hall. In 1863, William Walker had retired, and passed the plans for Califat onto Bailey. Both he and his assistant Lewis, were aware that a heading was approaching old workings in the region of Limby Hall. Water suddenly appeared in a stall, but they were not particularly concerned, but arranged for the coal face to be attended to, but unfortunately, an old heading 37 yards from an old engine pit was breached, and there was an inrush drowning out the workings. Henry Clements, Thomas Bird, and Jeremiah Rose who are listed below, were all killed. 29 horses were also killed. Bailey was subsequently prosecuted by the mines inspector for negligence, in failing to consult plans for old workings.

Pit Scene With Pit Horse.jpg


Courtesy of Samuel T Stewart

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