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Griffin Inn

The property was built in 1815 from two small dwelling plots. The Inn’s location is shown on the 1882 O/S map. The building still exists today, but is now a private residence which incorporates a name plate entitled “Griffin Inn”. The pub closed in 1961, at which time Benny Stone and his wife Alice were the licensees. 


We know that the Griffin Inn was in existence in 1851, as Thomas Haywood was listed as the landlord. The Griffin Inn was recorded in Melville & Co’s Directory & Gazetteer of Leics 1854 with Thomas Haywood as the landlord still. Thomas was also a builder, bricklayer and shoemaker, as it was normal at that time, for publicans to have at least two jobs. He was then recorded as the landlord in numerous directories until 1877. Wrights Directory of Leics and Rutland 1880 then records Mrs Ann Haywood as the landlady, so presumably her husband had died.


In the 1901 census, Samuel Swanwick, aged 54 and born in Leicester, was listed as the landlord. In 1911, Frederick Johnson, aged 33 and born in Coalville, was listed as Licensed Victualler and Boot Dealer. He had a wife Mary L, aged 24 who was born in Swannington.


1851-1876                  Thomas Haywood

1876/7 to 1880           Ann Haywood                          

1880/1 to 1884           George Peters          

1885 to 1891              Jarvis Phillips

1891 to 1892 part       Joseph Bradley                   

1893-1894                  Fanny Bradley           

1895 part                    Walter Bradley         

1895 part                    John Chambers

1896 part                    Silas Hill

1896 part                    George Percival

1897 to ??                  William Henry Bennet

1901                           Samuel Swanwick (in 1901 Samuel Swanwick was aged 54 and                                               and his wife, Mary J Swanwick was 53 both born in Leicester)

1905                           John William Sneath

1906                           William Mee

1907                           Harry Chivers 

1908-1911 part          Frederick Johnson (in 1911, Frederick Johnson was aged 33 and also                                          a boot and shoe dealer and born in Coalville. His wife Mary L Johnson                                          was aged 24 and born in Swannington.

1911 part                   George William Storer

1912-1916                 George Edwards

1916-1921                 George Kilby

1921-1932                 Thomas Williamson

1932 part                   Oliver York

1933 part                   Thomas William Driver

1933-1936                 Fanny Selina Driver                      

1938-1940?               Herbert Moore

1941-1961                 Benjamin Stone

1961                          Closed

Until the end of the 20th century Public houses were owned and tied to one Brewery.  Bass, famous world-wide for India Pale Ale which had the distinctive red triangle, becoming the UK's first registered trademark. The Bass sign can be seen in the photo opposite. However, they did not need to have many tied houses so the pub may have been privately owned.


At the outbreak of the 1st World War 1914, licensed premises were restricted to opening for lunch (12:00 to 14:40) and supper (18:30 to 22:30). Hour limits were not scrapped until 2005.

1806 Inclosure Map

1882 OS Map Elder Lane.jpg

1882 OS Map

Griffin Pub

The photograph showing the pub as it was in 1931. It was kept at that time by

Mr & Mrs Tom Williamson. Mrs Williamson is standing outside with her son.

Griffin Inn Floor.jpg
griffin floor 2.jpg

Flooring In The Bar Area

Photographs kindly provided by the current owner

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