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Mrs Haywood's Shop

Just beyond the boundary of Griffydam into Pegg's Green on  Nottingham Road Mrs Haywood's shop could be found.


The cottage attached to the left of the Red Lion pub as seen in the photograph, was run by Mrs. Haywood as a sweet shop. We know she was there in the 1940’s but probably much earlier than that.

Reg Burton, a resident of Pegg’s Green, has good memories of the shop, having to pass it on his way home from school. It apparently sold a bit of everything, from groceries to sweets and chocolate.  He remembers the big jars of sweets and recalls that on Tuesdays they had a delivery from Barkers of potted meat, and recalls going to get some from the shop.

Reg still remembers Mr & Mrs Haywood and their son, Fred. Their other son Sid lived next door to the shop, and Sid's son Steven lived there until the property was sold in 2018. Mr. Haywood was often referred to as Checker Haywood. Sid was a life long member of the Griffydam Wesleyan Chapel.

Reg relates a funny story when he, his brother Harold Burton and Gerald Hall went to get a sausage roll (costing a penny).  After discovering a cobweb on it, he took it back into the shop where Mr. Haywood duly broke the end off and returned it to the boys.  For some time afterwards they joked about it, calling it Checkers penny dreadful !! 

Red Lion

Photograph c. 1900

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