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Leicester Chronicle – June 17th 1857

Ashby de la Zouch Petty Sessions, June 13th

Before the Right Hon. Earl Ferrers, T. Mowbray Esq., and the Rev. J. M. Echalaz.

Frederick Heywood was charged by Charlotte Robinson, of Griffydam, with being the father of her illegitimate daughter, born on the 4th of May. It appeared by the evidence of the complainant that she lived alone, and the defendant “kept company” with her; in an evil hour she listened to his seductive tongue and the little stranger intruded herself to interrupt their happiness. There being no confirmatory evidence, the case was dismissed

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Leicester Daily Mercury – May 1st 1875


Conscience Money – A considerable amount of amusement has been caused in this village by the following circumstances:- Shakespeare has said “Conscience doth make cowards of us all”, and this has just received another illustration. As long as forty-six years ago, two lads in Griffydam were talking of birds nests, when the bigger one said he would tell the other of a nest if he would give him a halfpenny. The bargain made, and money paid, the younger of the two lads went off to fetch the contents of the nest, but the other one previous to the bargain had taken them. For forty-six years, the ghost of this “crime” has haunted him, and this year he has actually sent from Osgathorpe (where he now resides) an halfpenny, as a quietus to his conscience, to the man as a lad he deceived. It is needless to add that the greatest possible care is being taken of the halfpenny, it being an object of great curiosity.

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Leicester Chronicle – May 25th 1912

A Whitwick Nonacenarian’s – interesting Recollections

Mr. John Batson, who lived with his son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Bunce, in Brooks Lane, Whitwick, reached his 90th birthday on Monday. He hails from Hardwick, Buckinghamshire.

Recollections appertaining to Griffydam:

  1. Prior to living at Whitwick he stayed with his son who was proprietor of the “Rising Sun” in Griffydam, until the public-house was permanently closed.

  2. He was the first man to receive the old age pension at Griffydam Post Office

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Leicester Evening Mail – October 1934

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