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Operated By Leicestershire Colliery & Pipe Company

Little in the way of records for fatalities at New Lount Colliery seem to be available, but what we have found to date are listed below. The following report taken from Hansard Feb 4th 1929 confirms 3 deaths in 1929, but with no names appended :-


 Mr. Kelly asked the Secretary for Mines whether his attention had been called to the accidents involving loss of life and serious injury which have recently occurred at the New Lount Colliery of the Leicestershire Colliery and Pipe Co., Ltd; has he made any investigation into this matter; and is he satisfied that reasonable precautions have been taken to prevent these accidents?

Commodore King - I assume that the hon. member refers to the New Lount Colliery, Newbold. During the last 10 months, five accidents involving three deaths and injuries to three persons have been reported from this colliery. Each of these accidents has been investigated, and there is nothing to indicate that any of them was due to negligence on the part of the management. In so far as the accidents appear to have been avoidable, precautions have been taken to prevent recurrence.

Lount Colliery 193

Photograph probably taken c.1930 based on the size of the coal tip


Courtesy of Samuel T Stewart

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