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Red Lion

Although some may argue that the Red Lion was in Griffydam, a newspaper article dated 3rd July 1968 about its closure (see below) suggests it was registered as being in Pegg’s Green. The property is located on Nottingham Road just beyond the boundary of Griffydam and Pegg's Green and is now a private residence.

The photograph of the Red Lion was probably taken about 1900 and is quite historically important. On the left hand side of the photograph can be seen ‘Westbrook House’ and next door is ‘Westward Cottage’ where Josiah Weston lived. These properties date back probably to the last quarter of the 19th century. There is apparently some evidence of an earlier cottage being there. An 1834 map appears to show buildings directly to the north of Westbrook House, before Sketchley’s corner. Josiah Weston’s father purchased the buildings and attached land in 1923 and their family lived there afterwards. Josiah was born in ‘Westbrook House’ and the family used to rent out the cottage for extra income. Josiah’s father had a barber’s shop in Coalville, and also ran a local barber’s shop in the pantry of their house. The large pantry was two steps down from the kitchen and was also used for hanging meats and bacon.


Around the turn of the century, Josiah’s grandparents (shown in the photograph) ran the Red Lion, which was later taken over by his mother. His father could not apply for a license as he already ran another business.

Elizabeth Hoult was listed in the 1861 P.G. census as being both a Victualler and a Grocer at the Red Lion, so it presumably incorporated a shop at that time.


1841                       Wm. Haywood                      

1846                       Wm. Haywood                      

1861                       Thomas Hoult/Eliz Hoult

1871                       Mary Hoult                            

1880                       Benjamin Percival                

1881                       Charles Brown                      

1887/88                  Mrs Sarah Reave                 

1891                       William Reeves                    

1892                       Mrs Sarah Reave               

1896                       Frederick Tivey                 

c.1900                    Westons (see above)

1901                       James Leeson                      

1941                       John (Jack) Stevenson

If we compare the exterior of the Red Lion in 1900 photograph with how it is in the Home Guard photograph, we can see the changes made to the windows and front of the property.


Newspaper article dated 3rd July 1968 under the heading “Old Pub to be closed"

A public house which appears in the earliest county register in 1842 is to be closed. It is the Red Lion, Pegg’s Green, Coleorton, which was the subject of a meeting of the county compensation authority. Because of a lack of use, the county authority did not wish to have the license renewed. And this brought up the subject of the compensation which applies for a loss of license to the old on-licenses in existence since August, 1904 with continuous renewal. The meeting decided that the license be referred for compensation and in the meantime, was provisionally renewed.

The licensee for the last 2 years was Mrs S Granger who told the Times that "trade had fallen since the introduction of the breathalyser". She continued "There are just not enough locals. I have been in the business for 14 years but as I do not even know when the pub will be closing I cannot make any plans".

Red Lion

Photograph c. 1900

Home Guard Outside Red Lion.jpg

Pegg's Green Home Guard (10B Platoon) In 1944 Outside the Red Lion

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