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Leicester Mercury – September 4th 1841


On Sunday last, August 29th, two sermons were preached in the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Griffydam, by the Rev. W. Hales, of Northampton, for the benefit of the Sunday School, when the liberal sum of £12 .5s. was collected.

Leicester Mercury – May 13th 1843


Two sermons were preached in the Wesleyan Chapel here, yesterday week, by the Rev. Dr. Beaumont of Liverpool, and liberal collections made.

Leicester Chronicle – June 20th 1857

Several attempts have lately been made by the Mormonites of the neighbourhood to propound their audacious mummeries near the Wesleyan Chapel, Griffydam, but without success. On Sunday last, one of the elders from Nottingham mounted the rostrum, and began what would doubtless have proved a polygamic oration; but the crowd, drawn together by the nasal tones of the prophetic seer, would not allow him to proceed, but pelted him and his foolish followers with rotten eggs, and they speedily beat a retreat, with an odour less fragrant than roses, lavender or honey-dew. Should they make another attempt, it is to be feared that some substantial artillery may be employed, than nest eggs from the neighbouring roosts.

Leicester Chronicle – February 9th 1884

Griffydam Wesleyan Day School

The committee of this school, engaged the services of Mr. James Young, who preached two sermons on Sunday last to attentive congregations. On the following Monday evening Mr. Young delivered a lecture in the schoolroom, subject, “Humbugs”. The chair was taken by Mr. B. Cheatle, of Ashby de la Zouch. Collections were taken to defray the current expenses of the day school.

Leicester Chronicle – April 25th 1891

Griffydam School Sermons

In connection with the Wesleyan Day School, the annual services in aid of the school funds were held in the chapel on Sunday and Monday, when addresses were given by Miss ??rewater, of London. On Sunday afternoon Miss Brewster took as her subject “Ruth, or woman’s influence”, while the subject on Sunday evening was “The home at Bethany”. The subject on Monday night was “The beautiful in the life of Joseph”. The congregations were good.

Leicester Chronicle – October 31st 1896


Gospel Temperance Meeting. On Saturday evening a gospel temperance meeting was held at the Wesleyan Chapel, and was attended by a large congregation, Mr. John Johnson presiding. After the singing of a hymn, excellent addresses were given by the Rev. J. H. Chapman and Mr. R. T. Hance (school headmaster), and an interesting programme was then gone through, including the following recitations:- A. Hardy, “Keep me from the ball”; Mr. J. Wright, “Buy your own cherries”; Miss S. C. Reid, “What the temperance people want”; Jas. Reid, “I’ll never get drunk anymore”; Mr. J. Johnson, “Medical advice”; Solos were given by Miss Reid, “What will you do with Jesus”?; Mr. D. Sketchly, “The ninety and nine”; Miss Reid, “Jesus is tenderly calling”; a trio was rendered by Mrs. Johnson, Miss Johnson, and Miss Sketchley entitled “The temperance bells”. Mr. J. Curtiss, a well-known temperance advocate, of Leicester, also gave a solo called “Men beware of the guilded snare”. Mrs. H. Johnson presided at the organ with her accustomed ability, and also rendered great service with the refreshments. The evening was brought to a close after a hearty vote of thanks to all who had taken part in it.

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