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Leicester Mercury – March 6th 1858

The major portion of the Sheepshed Choral Society, combined with some of the leading vocalists from Loughborough, gave a performance of a choice selection of sacred music, in the National School (Wesleyan Day School), at Griffydam, on Tuesday evening last, March 2nd, when notwithstanding the inclemency of the weather, the place was densely crowded by a highly respectable audience, an extensive neighbourhood contributing the elite of its population. The programme comprised overtures, choruses, anthems, quartets, trios, solos, &c., judiciously selected from the works of the great composers; and the performance was most deservedly eulogized by all present. Several of the pieces were rapturously encored.

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Leicester Chronicle – March 4th 1893

Griffydam Swifts v Shepshed Church of England.

Played at Griffydam on Saturday. The visitors won the toss and kicked downhill, Griffydam started but the visitor’s forwards at once got hold and ran down, and Fowkes missing his kick, enabled them to score the first goal two minutes from the start. Immediately after, the home left wing broke away, and Shakespear sent in a magnificent shot, which just skimmed the cross bar. From the goal kick, the visitors left got possession and ran down, but J. Johnson returned with a fine kick. After midfield play, Pickering at last broke away, passed the half backs and backs in a tricky manner, and catered beautifully, enabling Oliver to equalise with a lightening shot. After this, both teams played desperately, the home side having slightly the best of the game. From a scrimmage in front of the visitor’s goal, Pickering scored the second goal for the Swifts, nothing further resulting up to half time. Re-starting, the homesters went down with a rush, and Bradford sent in a brilliant shot, which the goalkeeper saved at the expense of a corner, which was placed behind. From the goal kick, the visitors ran up, but H. Johnson returned with a huge kick, enabling the homesters to keep up the pressure. From a scrimmage in front of the visitor’s goal, Hodges sent in a good shot, which would certainly have scored had not one of the backs deliberately fisted away. A free kick resulted but the ball was cleared. The home team continued to have the best of the game, which ended in favour of the swifts by two goals to one. Griffydam Players :- C. Platts, goal; W. Fowkes and J. Johnson, backs; H. Johnson, J. Hodges and S. Johnson, half backs; H. Pickering, J.Turner, T. Oliver, J. Bradford, and S. Shakespear, forwards. Referee, Mr. Robey of Ashby; Linesman, S. Edwards.

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Coalville Times - Friday April 24th 1914

Football in the second division.

Swannington Institute and Thornborough United have met twice, with no score on each occasion. The two Ibstock teams – Amateurs and Wanderers, also met without scoring on Good Friday. Peggs Green have made two big wins, 10-0 against Whitwick Amateurs and 5-0 against Ashby and a draw 2-2 with Coleorton; Swannington Robin Hood and Ravenstone United have met twice, a draw 2-2 at Swannington, and a win for Ravenstone 3-2, at Ravenstone, and Whitwick Amateurs suffered four defeats, being beaten 4-0 by Ibstock Wanderers, 3-0 by Ibstock Amateurs and 2-1 by Bagworth Town, in addition to the Peggs Green result.

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