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Households: 68

People: Total 281  (Males=136, Females=145)

Ages: 15 & Under = 134, Over 60 = 17

9 women were listed as having a profession or trade not including those registered as having household duties - 2 Lace workers, 1 Lace agent, 2 Dress makers, 2 Grocers and 1 Stocking makers. plus a school mistress. Six of these would have carried out their work at home as a cottage industry.

16 males and females are doing work associated with the hosiery / textile trade from home, including 7 male framework knitters


It is interesting to note that Griffydam had a School Mistress at this time.


Surprisingly, Griffydam had no paupers listed.

1841 Census Graph Age.jpg
1841 Census Figures.jpg
1841 Census Professions.jpg

Where a person is listed as having more than 1 trade both trades have been counted above

1841 Census Records

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