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Households = 64 

People: Total 275  (Males=131, Females=144)

Ages: 15 & Under = 116, Over 60 = 27 (oldest being 88).


129 people are listed as having a profession or trade, and it is assumed that they were all in employment at the time.


There is a reduction in the number of households with 10 properties listed as uninhabited. For some reason the Waggon & Horses and adjacent property is still not included by the enumerator.

There is a surprising decrease in the number of men working in the coal mining industry. This is now 40 against 48 in the 1861 census. 


No lace workers listed again, presumably due to the mechanisation of this process in the factories.


31 women are now listed as seamstresses/dress makers, presumably due to the mid-Victorian fashion era and the availability of a wider range of materials. Again this would have been a cottage industry supporting dress making factories.


Only 2 Framework Knitters are in work now, due to the mechanisation in factories at Leicester and Nottingham.


Only 1 spar / bauble manufacturing business is now listed in Griffydam but we know from other sources that there were at least 3.


It is interesting to note that there are 8 paupers listed but these are all elderly people. 

The following is a list of the professions and trades:-

1871 Census Figures.jpg
1871 Census Graph Age.jpg
1871 Cenus Professions.jpg

Where a person is listed as having more than 1 trade each trade has been counted in the numbers above

1871 Census Records

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