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Households = 46 (plus 5 unoccupied).

People: Total 210  (Males=112, Females=98)

Ages: 15 & Under = 89, Over 60 = 16


80 people are listed as having a profession or trade and it is assumed all were employed at the time.


The Waggon & Horses and adjacent house are still not included by the enumerator for some reason. Also houses on Vinegar Hill should have been included in this census.


  • There was a 41% reduction in inhabited properties from 1851.

  • 49 out of the 80 people listed as having a trade or profession are connected with the coal mining industry. We can see from the census breakdowns, that without the local coal mining  industry, Griffydam could not have survived as a hamlet, as people would have needed to migrate elsewhere to seek work in order to support their families.

There are no paupers listed.


Professions and trades:

1901 Census Figures.jpg
1901 Census Graph Age.jpg
1901 Census Professions.jpg

Where a person is listed as having more than 1 trade each trade has been counted in the numbers above

1901 Census Records

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