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Households = 63 (plus 8 unoccupied).

People: Total 270  (Males=134, Females=136)

Ages: 15 & Under = 118, Over 60 = 24 (Eldest a lady of 96) 


This census now includes that part of The Brand recently allocated to Griffydam. There is still no mention of the Waggon & Horses for some reason.


103 people are listed as having a profession or trade and it is assumed all were employed at the time.


42 people are now in jobs associated with the coal mining industry, 38 are listed as actual coal miners against 16 in 1871. This casts doubt in how the different jobs were being recorded, as several none coal mining jobs have now disappeared in comparison to the 1871 census.

Seamstresses have reduced to 8 from the 29 employed in 1871.

There are no framework knitters left, and jobs in the hosiery industry are gradually disappearing as this work has become mechanised and has moved to the large factories in the cities like Leicester and Nottingham.

4 Spar (bauble) Manufacturers are listed, although we know there were more than 4. This business has gradually increased from the 1850’s and has provided a valuable source of income to the people employed, often to supplement the income of the coal miners etc.

Although we know there were four public houses in operation at this time, only two publicans are listed. It is likely that when the enumerator called they were out doing their other jobs like farming, coal mining etc.

There are no paupers listed.


Professions and trades:

1881 Census Figures.jpg
1881 Census Graph Age.jpg
1881 Census Professions.jpg

Where a person is listed as having more than 1 trade each trade has been counted in the numbers above

1881 Census Records

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