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Households = 57 

People: Total 273  (Males=149, Females=124)

Ages: 15 & Under = 117, Over 60 = 16, Unknown = 30 


This census now includes the Waggon & Horses and Cart Brook.


106 people are listed as having a profession or trade and it is assumed all were employed at the time.


55 people are now in jobs associated with the coal mining industry compared to 42 in the 1881 census.

There is now only 1 seamstress recorded reduced from 8 in 1881 and 29 employed in 1871.

Four publicans are listed of which 3 also were employed in Coal Mining. 


Professions and trades:

1891 Census Figures.jpg
1891 Census Graph Age.jpg
1891 Census Professions.jpg

Where a person is listed as having more than 1 trade each trade has been counted in the numbers above

1891 Census Records

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